REAP Retired Executives and Professionals

February 18, 2018, to February 24, 2018

The speaker for our Wednesday meeting on February 21st is Len Moskoff.  
His subject is: “Muhammad Ali - The Peoples' Champ"
Talk abstract:
Muhammad Ali danced at the crossroads of sports and racial affairs, luring the world’s attention. He cast a model for the black athletes who demanded racial justice. His life was deeply affected by his religion and the social and political climate in which he lived. He refused to serve in Vietnam and was pummeled in the press. He shines brightest when the Supreme Court reversed his conviction for refusing to be inducted into the Army. His principled sacrifice, along with his exuberant personality and relentless self-promotion made him a celebrity hero. This talk will cover Muhammad Ali’s life, his transformation, and his legacy.

The Literature Study Group meets Wednesday from Noon to 2:00 PM.
Chair:  Theresa Weissinger
They will be discussing two Stories from:

 "Wonderful Town" edited by David Remnick
 Water Child by Edwidge Danticat    Pages 481 - 489

The Smoker by David Schickler       Pages 490 - 508
They will meet in Gallery 3, adjacent to the usual REAP meeting room.   

The Current Issues Study Group meets February 22nd from 10:00 AM until noon.
They will meet in Gallery 3, the room adjacent to our usual meeting room.
Chair: John Higgins