REAP Retired Executives and Professionals

I was a retired professional taking care of a sick husband for many years.  When he died I looked around for “what can I do to make a new stimulating life for myself.”  A friend told me about  REAP and  I cannot sing its praises enough.  I get to research, write, and present a paper every 18 to 24 months.  I loved the research, making the presentation was scary, but I learned to do it.  My talks were about “Who owned the land I live on”, Processed Foods, and Viet Nam.  We meet weekly. Each week I hear a talk on a topic new to me.  This is continuing education!  I can also attend a group on current Issues, or a literature group or a group on ethics, or science and technology or even a discussion on senior health presented by a physician.  Wow, I am in adult college!  I needed a stimulating new family and I found it in REAP and as an added bonus, I found a boyfriend.
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Alice Parker, member since 2011

REAP is nothing less than a remarkable organization! It began in 1970 as a part of the Cheltenham Adult School by three far-seeing women who knew senior adults needed mental stimulation to stay alert and connected to the world. It began with 15 members and now has nearly 90 men and women of various backgrounds.  The courage to research and speak every year or two on any subject is the only requirement.  The rest is the joy of learning and being a part of a warm, caring and sociable group of your peers.
Roy Newman, MD, member since 2003

What I like most about REAP is the membership. The men and women who take part in REAP’s many varied programs are professionals from a variety of backgrounds, experience and education. And they are very nice people. Long time members help new participants prepare and present their first talk. My reward is the knowledge I gain in preparing my talks and what I learn from the weekly talks given by the members. If you want to meet interesting people, and you want to learn new things, REAP may be for you. It is for me.

Len Moskoff, member since 2012 

We joined REAP in 2007.  This group has become an important part of our lives.  The members are amazing, their interests, their backgrounds, and commitment to this group.  I have learned so much from the talks and to my surprise how much I have learned from my research and the fact that I actually enjoy it.  There are many opportunities within REAP.  I became an editor of The REAPorter which is a yearly journal comprised of articles members have written.  I never edited anything before this but I learned.  Everyone is helpful.  There is a one day trip in the fall and an overnight trip in the spring.   We have visited many interesting and unusual places. This group has enriched our lives. 
Andrea & Bernie Clyman, members since 2007

When Maud Fischer brought me to REAP in 2011, I joined because I was interested in expanding my social contacts, and, indeed, I have made many new friends who provide me with opportunities for stimulating discussion.  At first I thought that, as a retired law professor who taught constitutional and other public law courses, I could give good talks without extensive preparation, but a long-time member explained that REAP’s purpose, the promotion of continued intellectual activity by its members, required that we do substantial research in preparation of talks.  That requirement resulted in providing me with new excitement that came from exploring topics in depth and learning new things.  And I owe REAP and its research requirement tremendous thanks for enhancing my older years.

Jon Mallamud, member since 2011