REAP Retired Executives and Professionals

Application for Membership

REAP which was founded in 1970 as a program of the Cheltenham Pennsylvania Township Adult School has been an independent organization since 2007 with members residing In Philadelphia and its Suburbs. Our members include retired educators, business executives, healthcare professionals, engineers, attorneys, scientists, and other interesting people.

REAP is an organization dedicated to providing the opportunity to research and present a talk on a subject of NEW learning. Our members commit to presenting a 75 minute talk every 18 to 24 months.

REAP offers many opportunities for fun, interaction with a diverse group of warm and welcoming people, two interesting trips every year, and a life-long learning experience. 

By submitting this application, I understand that if I am accepted as a member of REAP, I will be expected to prepare and deliver a talk every 18-24 months after my first year of membership. Each talk that I present will be approximately seventy-five minutes long and will have been personally researched by me in an area of interest other than my professional expertise. Topics to be excluded are travelogues, book reviews, religious and political commentary.